LA Fair Schedule - Neon Lights Up NHRA Museum

Posted on August 31, 2012

Los Angeles County Fair goers are invited to visit the NHRA Museum, Building 3A next to the
Millard Sheets Center, to see the newest exhibit, Neon and the American Road.

Presented by the NHRA Museum and the Museum of Neon Art, the exhibit features neon signs from both MONA’s and NHRA Museum’s collections that relate to the automobile. The exhibit will take visitors on an illuminating journey through the history and development of neon signs in America along with its highway system. Neon signs were the best form of advertising for both rural and urban environments because of their night-time brilliance and ability to be seen from great distances.  

In addition to the neon sign exhibit, local neon artists are displaying their art as it relates to the automobile.

Once again, the NHRA Museum is proud to be a partner in the LA County FairKids Field Trip Program, providing an interactive, hands-on learning experience cleverly disguised as fun for 140,000 school children.

RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES! At the NHRA Museum, MONA staff will be presenting live demonstrations explaining how a neon tube is made, how it lights up and what makes the vibrant colors in neon. 

Students will also learn about NHRA history through fun scavenger hunts, get inside a real race car and test their reaction time on a timing system, NHRA’s Christmas Tree. 

Educators are encouraged to sign up for this free program online at Or, contact the NHRA Museum Education Manager Monique Valadez, 909-622-3389, to plan your educational visit to the Neon and American Road exhibit.

In addition, live neon fabrication demonstrations will be held Wednesdays through Fridays, 2- 7 p.m. and Saturdays through Sundays, noon – 6 p.m. On Saturdays and Sundays, fair-goers can see neon sign restoration demos. All demos will take place inside the NHRA Museum, building 3A near Esmeralda’s Circus area. Admission inside the NHRA Museum is just $1 to help keep our neon signs glowing!

Fair admission prices range from $12-17 adults; $7-12 kids 6-12. For information about Fair admission and hours, please visit or call 909-623-3111.

See what you’ll learn when you visit the NHRA Museum during the LA Fair
Video: Neon Signs – How It’s Made


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