*2022 California Hot Rod Reunion Honorees*

-Grand Marshal: Larry Tores was a long-time successful racer in Super Stock and Comp Eliminator and was the Buick racing guru in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. Finding a need in his own cars for dependable equipment, he came up with shaft mounted rocker arms which he has manufactured at his T & D Machine Products since founding the business in 1975 in his home garage. T & D rockers are used in all forms of competition from drag racing to NASCAR.

-Since 1971 Roger Lamb of Lamb Components has been manufacturing top quality front suspension components and brake systems. It was Lamb who revolutionized Pro Stock racing when he installed the first Mac Pherson strut front suspension in the 1974 Grumpy’s Toy XI. He created carbon disc brakes in 1987 and his equipment is today used extensively in Pro Stock, Pro Mod and Comp racing.

David Leighton was practically born into drag racing. His father “Gus” Leighton raced the Dragmaster B that finished in the Hot Rod magazine drag racing Top Ten in 1960. His mother Roberta was the first woman licensed by NHRA and won the J/Stock class at the 1962 U.S. Nationals. David started helping his mom with her race car at the age of seven. His aunt Phyllis was married to long-time NHRA official Bernie Partridge. A long-time member of the Dust Devils of Ridgecrest, David helped run the longest continuously operating drags strip at Inyokern until it was closed in 2005. He has raced successfully in the Comp, Super Comp and ET categories as well as serving as an NHRA track official.

-Growing up in rural Fresno, Rance McDaniel was able to get a driver’s license at age twelve. He immediately set to work on his flathead-powered ’52 Ford. A few years later, Rance had moved up to a ’55 Chevy which he raced at the inaugural March Meet in 1959. Following a two-year tour in the Army, he raced Junior Fuel dragstesr. By the mid-‘70s Mc Daniel had jumped to Top Fuel with great success. He campaigned from the ‘70s to the ‘90s the old school way, for the fun of it. His long line of Valley Fever Chevy-powered dragsters were the darlings of Chevy fans across the country. He became the 7th member of the 300 MPH Club, and won the Division 7 Top Fuel Championship in 1977. In 1993 driving his own car, he took the Top Fuel title at the NHRA World Finals at Pomona defeating the late Jimmy Nix. In 1996 and ’97 he drove for Colorado’s Peek Brother and, after a brief retirement started driving Vintage Top Fuel winning the Goodguys Championship in 2000.

-One of those legendary Texas fuel racers, Dave Settles has been a driver in both Top Fuel and Funny Car as well as a crew chief and engineer for some of the biggest names in the sport. Driving for Candies and Hughes he won Top Fuel at the ’74 Gator Nationals and was runner-up to Don Garlits at the Super Nationals. He finished #2 in points that year behind champion Gary Beck and was the Division 4 Top Fuel champion. He drove for other Texans including the Carroll Brothers and Raymond Beadle. He was later a tuner for Connie Kalitta and Cruz Pedregon and is a member of the Arizona Drag Racing Hall of Fame.

-For more than 50 years Rick Shute recorded the history of the fastest accelerating cars on the planet. A long time Southern Californian first shot drag racing with a simple 126 Instamatic and the hook was set. When he retired from shooting himself, he was using a state-of-the-art Nikon and his Auto Imagery studio had amassed a tremendous archive. Throughout the 1970s CJ Hart hired Rick to be the official Orange County International Raceway photographer. Together with Dave Kommel Auto Imagery shot all the National events and their photos appeared in Popular Hot Rodding, Super Stock & Drag Illustrated, Car Craft and Hot Rod. Through Leslie Lovett, National Dragster’s first photo editor, and Wally Parks Rick was able to shoot commercially as long as he served as the backup for the NHRA photo department. To this day National Dragster’s images are available to the public through Auto Imagery.

Grand MarshalLarry Tores
HonoreesRoger Lamb
David Leighton
Rance McDaniel
Dave Settles
Rick Shute
Grand MarshalEd Iskenderian
HonoreesRon Attenbury
Rodney Flournoy
Sherm Gunn
Dick Kalivoda
Mike Thermos
2020Event Cancelled
Grand MarshalJerry Ruth
HonoreesHarry Burkholder
 Mike Cook
 Bill Dunlap
 Phil Mandella
 Gary Southern
Grand MarshalKelly Brown
HonoreesBob Brandt
 Jerry Darien
 Jim Murphy
 Rick Voegelin
 Dave Wallace, Jr.
Grand MarshalRick Stewart*
HonoreesPete Eastwood
 Bill Holland
 Bob Lambeck
 Bob Panella, Sr.
 Jimmy Scott
Board of Directors AwardRon Johnson*
Grand MarshalAll Past Honorees (25th Anniversary)
HonoreesDon Irvin
Grand MarshalJim Dunn
HonoreesPaul Althouse*
 Cub Barnett*
 Don Gaide & Don Ratican “The Sour Sisters”
 John Jodauga
 Doug Kruse*
Board of Directors AwardJohn Ewald*
Grand MarshalMike Dunn
HonoreesBob Brooks*
 Cortopassi Brothers* and Butler
 Hugh Tucker
 Dennis Varni
 Sid Waterman
Reunion SpotlightBay Area Roadsters
Golden Age AwardCook* & Bedwell* Isky U-Fab Special
Grand MarshalButch Leal
HonoreesTommy Allen
 Roy Brizio
 Jim DeFrank
 Larry Dixon, Sr.
 John Rasmussen
Reunion SpotlightKelly & Son Crazy Painters
Grand Marshal“TV Tommy” Ivo
HonoreesBob* & Jim Brissette
 Gary & Jerry* Mallicoat
 Jim Nicoll*
 Marv Ripes
 Ed Sigmon
Reunion Spotlight Stags Car Club
Board of Directors AwardJohn & Blake Bowser
Grand MarshalSteve Gibbs
HonoreesHarry Hibler
 Wayne King
 John Peters
 Dwight Salisbury
 George Santos*
Reunion SpotlightThe Chrisman Family
Grand MarshalTom Hanna*
HonoreesBill Bagshaw
 Don Long
 Al “Mousie” Marcellus*
 Dave McClelland*
 Larry Steinneger* & Al Eshenbaugh
Golden Age AwardGordon Browning*
Grand MarshalJess Tyree*
HonoreesDanny Broussard
 Don Moody
 Steve Reyes
 “Jet Car Bob” Smith*
 Walt Stevens
Reunion SpotlightStone*, Woods* & Cook*
Grand MarshalJunior Thompson*
HonoreesSteve Davis
 John Edmunds*
 Butch Maas*
 Walt Rhoades
 Georgia Seipel
Reunion SpotlightGas Ronda*
Golden Age AwardFrank “Ike” Iacono
Grand MarshalEd “The Ace” McCulloch
Honorees“L’il John” Buttera*
 Rocky Childs* & Jim Albert
 Red Greth*
 Mike Kuhl* & Carl Olson
 Mike Jones
Reunion SpotlightUnited States Drag Racing Team
Grand MarshalRoland Leong
HonoreesHershel “Junior” Conway
 Bill Crossley
 Fred Crow
 Don Enriquez
 Don Hampton
Reunion SpotlightChris Karamesines & the “ChiZler”
Golden Age AwardTommy Auger*
Grand MarshalDale Armstrong*
HonoreesLeon Fitzgerald*
 Dick Landy*
 Shirley Shahan Bridges
 Bill Simpson*
 Dave Uyehara
 Dave Wallace, Sr.*
Reunion SpotlightClassic Fuel Altereds
Board of Directors AwardJack Williams*
Golden Age AwardCharles W. “Scotty” Scott*
Preservation AwardArt Chrisman*
Grand MarshalPaula Murphy
HonoreesBill Alexander*
 The Frantic Four
  Jim Fox
 Dennis Holding
 Ron Rivero
 Norm Weekly*
 Tom Medley*
 Joe Mondello*
 Amos Satterlee*
Reunion SpotlightDust Devils of Ridgecrest
Golden Age AwardCreighton Hunter*
Grand MarshalBob Muravez aka Floyd Lippencott, Jr.
HonoreesJohn Bradley*
 Gary Cochran*
 Bruce Geisler
 Pete Millar*
 Glen Stokey*
Reunion SpotlightMoon Equipment Co. /Mooneyes USA
Golden Age AwardBerardini Brothers
Grand MarshalMarvin Rifchin*
HonoreesBob & Don Spar
 The Surfers – Tom Jobe* & Bob Skinner*
 Bobby Tapia*
 Doug Thorley*
 Don Vesco*
Reunion SpotlightSo-Cal Speed Shop
Grand MarshalWally* & Barbara* Parks
HonoreesGeorge Bolthoff*
 Roy Fjastad*
 Pat Foster*
 Chuck Griffith*
 Gene Winfield
Reunion SpotlightL.A. Roadsters
Grand MarshalDanny Ongais*
HonoreesNick Arias, Jr.*
 Robert “Bones” Balogh
 Dave* & Tim* Beebe
 Cloy Fitzgerald
 Bob Noice
Reunion SpotlightKent Fuller
Preservation AwardBlackie Gejeian*
Grand MarshalRich Guasco
HonoreesDon Alderson*
 Ralph Guldahi, Jr.*
 Jerry Kugel
 K.S. Pittman*
 Jess VanDeventer*
Reunion SpotlightRoad Kings of Burbank
Grand MarshalJames Warren*
Honorees“Big John” Mazmanian*
 Jeep & Ronnie Hampshire
 Lou Senter*
 Larry Sutton
 Al Teague
Reunion SpotlightChampion Speed Shop’s Jim McLennan*
Preservation AwardDan La Croix
Grand Marshal“Dyno” Don Nicholson*
HonoreesGene Adams
 Andy Brizio
 Jim Deist*
 Fred Larsen* & Don Cummins*
 Tony Nancy*
Reunion SpotlightDragmaster’s Jim Nelson* & Dode Martin*
Grand Marshal“Big Daddy” Don Garlits
HonoreesBill “Farmer” Dismuke*
 Gene Mooneyham*
 Hayden Proffitt*
 Kenny Safford*
 Bill* & Bob* Summers
 Steve Gibbs
Reunion Spotlight“TV Tommy” Ivo
Preservation AwardBruce Meyer
Grand MarshalsTom “the Mongoose” McEwen*
 Don “the Snake” Prudhomme
HonoreesChris “the Greek” Karamesines
 Ak Miller*
 Ed Pink
 Joe Reath*
 Tony Waters*
Grand MarshalLinda Vaughn
HonoreesRoger Coburn*
 Bob Cress*
 Ted Gotelli*
 Doris Herbert
 Original NHRA Drag Safari
 Chic Cannon
 Bud Coons*
 Bud Evans*
 Eric Rickman*
Grand MarshalJim Nelson*
HonoreesLou Baney*
 Jim McLennan*
 Sid Masters* & G.B. “Rick” Richter*
 Frank Pedregon*
 Gas Ronda*
Grand MarshalErnie Hashim*
HonoreesArt Chrisman*
 C.J. “Pappy” Hart*
 “TV Tommy” Ivo
 Leland Kolb*
 Wally* & Barbara* Parks
*Denotes deceased