We are grateful to our Elite and Winners Circle Donors
for their vision and contribution

These are a special group of individuals who support the mission and vision of Wally Parks. They contribute to the non-profit Museum through financial support and some members also contribute as mentors in an advisory capacity to help guide and shape the museum, programming, educational outreach including our 2020 STEAM programming, and lectures and special fundraisers and programs.

Elite Levels


Rodger & Karen Comstock,  Michael Hayde,  Tom McKernan 


Gale Banks,  John Force 

Winners Circle

Judith Hansen,  Ron Hope,  Kenny Koretsky,  Dave Tourje

Jack O’Bannon,  Fay McClung,  Steve Page,  Lynn Park, Rick & Franca Voegelin

Ken Achs,  Tim Anderson,  John Bandimere Jr,  Bob Barry,  David Boersma,  Gigi Carleton & Gentleman Joe Schbeck, Chic Cannon, Jack & Tammy Chisenhall, Peter Clifford, Glen Cromwell,
Duffy,  Steve Earwood, Michael Fazio,  David Franklin,  Steve Gasparrelli,  Art & Sheri Goldstrom,  Marleen Gurrola,  Phil Hakopian,  Frederick Hitchcock,  Paul Leary,  Graham Light,  Mike MacBrair,  Steve & Gretchen Madrigal,  Wayne McMurtry,  Steve Memishian,  Bruce Meyer,  Larry Minor, John Mumford,  Richard Munz,  Chris Powell,  Don  & Lynn Prudhomme,  Greg Sharp,  Bob Spar,  Shigehiro Suganuma,  David & Heather Van Loan,  Alex Xydias,  Steve Young

For information on the Elite  and Winners Circle levels, contact the Museum.

Become a Member

The generous support of our donors helps the Museum’s efforts to collect, preserve, interpret and exhibit the vehicles, artifacts, and stories that represent our passion for and the influence of motorsports in American culture.

Please contact Gretchen Madrigal at gmadrigal@nhramuseum.org or Martin Betz at mbetz@nhramuseum.org for more information.