Greg Sharp, Curator and Historian is the “hot rodding and drag racing go to guy”

New weekly feature where you can “Go ask Greg” and hopefully receive answers regarding your hot rodding or drag racing questions.

Up to three (3) responses will be added to this website weekly.

Greg Sharp’s love affair with hot rodding and drag racing began as a highly curious “car crazy” 12-year-old who devoured the enthusiast magazines of the 1950s. Absorbing their contents like a sponge he later became an expert on the history of hot rodding and virtually all forms of motorsports. He has been described by several magazines as the “go to guy for data on the history of hot rodding and drag racing”. When it comes to knowing the history of our sport, having written documentation, and photos to back up his knowledge, Greg is the man. He has served as curator of the NHRAMM since its opening in 1998.

Greg will do his best to answer all questions. However, some may be addressed off line.